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TextStatistics 1.0

Do you have a bunch of text files, but need to know how many characters or words are present in each?

The Solution to your problem is “TextStatistics 1.0”. This utility is a text analysis tool for analyzing text contents from multiple plain text documents. This enables you to conveniently generate statistical analysis which includes word count, no. of lines, characters with and without spaces.

This utility is a freeware so you need not pay money to buy it.


  • You can select all text files from single folder.
  • You can select multiple text files from different folders.
  • You can select entire hard drive (c:, d: etc.)
  • Also Open corresponding document by double-click.
  • You can Export statistics report into CSV file format.


How it works

  1. Launch TextStatistics 1.0 application and
  2. Select the folder or multiple text documents for which you want to generate statistics.
  3. Then click “Get Statistics” button to generate results.
  4. The results include number of count for lines, words, characters with and without spaces.
  5. Click “Export to CSV” button to export results displayed into CSV file.



Platform Windows
Supported OS Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
File Size <1 MB
Price Free
License Freeware

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