TextSearch 2.0

It is a software tool (freeware) developed by Mayur B. Dighe.

TextSearch 2.0 is quite simple and easy to search a word or phrase from Plain Text Documents (like .txt, .cs, .vb, .css etc.)

TextSearch 2.0 is developed using Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express.

Version History

The first release of TextSearch 1.0 posted as blog post on my Blog and C# Corner’s blog section.


I will appreciate your feedback about TextSearch 2.0. It will help me to improve this product as well as my skills & knowledge.

If you have any queries using this product and you cannot find solution in this Help, you may send your question mayur@yours.com; I will try to resolve it.


Download:   Executable       Help File       License

Screen Shots:

TextSearch 2.0 - A plain text document search tool


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